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Air Duct Cleansing Basics

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Air Duct Cleansing Basics 1

Regardless of the reason, cleaning and maintaining your air ducts is a significant a part of protecting your house snug and wholesome. We’ll take a look at the basics of this process: what they’re, what supplies they’re made of, and the way to scrub them effectively. We’ll additionally contact on frequent problems and the right way to keep away from them. If in case you have a dirty air duct, do not delay it any longer! In case you have just about any questions with regards to where as well as the way to use Energy Home Service, it is possible to e mail us on our own internet site.

Materials used

Fiberboard air ducts are fabricated from compressed resin and organic glass fibers. The outside of the duct is covered with an embossed or painted foil face. Fiberboard air ducts are very lightweight, simple to install, and have glorious acoustics and thermal properties. They’re less expensive than most other duct supplies. They are not flexible, and will deteriorate over time. Fiberboard ducts are used much less commonly in properties right this moment.

Common problems

A leaky air duct can lead to a plethora of other problems. It could also be attributable to a rodent burrowing by way of the unfastened insulation or a vermin chewing on the structural wooden. This may end up in increased vitality costs, funky odors, and even health risks. Whereas metallic ducts are usually not affected by this downside, ducts fabricated from carbon-primarily based materials are highly vulnerable to mold development.


The fundamental instruments for cleansing air ducts include brushes, vacuums, and agitation units. When air ducts are usually not cleaned properly, pollutants and different debris might be launched into your property. To keep away from this, you must rent knowledgeable to clean them for you. This procedure entails three separate steps: pre-inspection, assessment, and cleaning. The pre-inspection phase involves figuring out and assessing the condition of the duct work.


A complete checklist of air duct maintenance activities should be accomplished for the most efficient efficiency of an air conditioning system. This checklist contains: inspection, testing, and restore of duct parts. In keeping with the manufacturer’s specifications, the testing procedures should observe the system paperwork. The PPE used should additionally conform to the job necessities. The tactic used to test air duct components should conform to the design. Testing of the air tightness of joints, leaks, and operation of duct fittings should be completed in accordance with the system documents.


There are a number of methods for repairing air duct leakage. Prior to now, regular duct tape was generally used to seal the plenum. Nonetheless, this tape is carrying off or missing altogether. As an alternative, a steel-backed tape is advisable. Suitable mastic should also be used to safe collars the place ducts attach to the plenum. Plastic wrap will also be tied to those collars to stop leakage.


Whether it’s a home cat or a rodent, you will have an issue with animals in air ducts. As a result of air ducts may be located inside and outdoors of a home, these animals are sometimes a chief source of air infiltration. These animals usually are not at all taken with making contact with folks; they’re simply attempting to stay heat. But when you are a homeowner and want to prevent these critters from coming into your property, here are just a few steps to assist prevent animals from moving into your air ducts.


There are a number of options for air ducts, and each has its personal worth tag. The 2 hottest varieties are round ducts and rectangular ducts. The previous is favored by many installers and homeowners, and is straightforward to put in. Round ducts have fewer leaks and are extra versatile. Rectangular ducts are extra durable, however are more expensive. They will also be made smaller or bigger to suit different spaces. If you adored this article so you would like to receive more info regarding Energy Home Service generously visit our web-site.

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Air Duct Cleansing Basics 2

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