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Fashion and Social Activism: How Fashion Can Drive Social Change

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Fashion and Social Activism: How Fashion Can Drive Social Change 1

The Role of Fashion in Social Activism

Fashion has long been a platform for self-expression, but it serves for more than just style. In the past decade, fashion brands have used their influence to drive social movements. Fashion is a tool to drive social action and change. There are many areas of social change that fashion industry can participate and drive positive social effects. Innovative and inclusive clothing is a mark of fashion that inspires social activism and bring about equality in many forms.

Fashion and Social Activism: How Fashion Can Drive Social Change 2

Brands Driving Social Change

Various brands have used their influence to drive social movements. One such brand is Levi’s. They have supported multiple initiatives such as the Water

Another brand that has used fashion to inspire social activism is Everlane. The company states a commitment to transparency, ethically sound production, and pricing, and its spirit of advocacy carried over to political issues. In 2017, Everlane helped establish the “100% Human collection” and sent 100% of net profits from its sales to the ACLU.

Sustainable Fashion

A significant part of fashion’s impact on society is the carbon footprint, waste generated, and environmental destruction resulting from production and disposal. Sustainability is an issue of increasing concern that has led to many brands leading the way forward by taking a sustainable stance.

One brand leading the way is Stella McCartney. They incorporate innovation into their production processes. The company preferentially using natural, biodegradable materials while designing chic, eco-friendly clothing. The company also produces less waste from waste byproducts and incorporates their fabric waste into their fabric recycling program.

Fashion and Gender Equality

Fashion has tremendous influences on gender equality. It can reflect or act as a weapon against traditional gender norms. Clothing styles can bolster or loosen deeply imbedded gender stereotypes. Inclusive and diverse designs that represent different cultures and gender identities has a positive impact on society. Gender equality is inspiring fashion brands to add more diverse and sustainable options.

A brand that demonstrates the power of fashion in driving recognition for gender identities is The Phluid Project. The brand pioneered gender-neutral clothing designs and worked to become an inclusive fashion retailer that embraces various gender expressions. Their mission is to give all individuals the power to select and express their unique gender identities without prejudice.


Fashion is about more than luxury, designer labels and covering our bodies. Fashion is about embracing diversity, generating creative platforms for activism, and driving positive social effects. Fashion brands could use their unique opportunity to impart the positive change that can educate and inspire the world for the better. Learn more about the subject covered in this article by visiting the recommended external website. Inside, you’ll uncover supplementary information and an alternative perspective on the subject. African print fashion.

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