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Overview of One Bernam Development

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Overview of One Bernam Development 1

Location and Design

One Bernam is an upcoming mixed-use development in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). Strategically located at Bernam Street, the project aims to provide a seamless integration of residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

This development is designed to offer modern and luxurious living in a prime urban location. The architectural concept showcases a sleek and contemporary design that will enhance the overall skyline of the city.

Residential Features and Amenities

One Bernam consists of residential units that cater to different lifestyle preferences. The apartments range from cozy one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom units, offering residents a variety of choices.

The residential floors are carefully planned to maximize natural light and ventilation, creating a comfortable and serene living environment. The units are thoughtfully designed with high-quality finishes and fittings, providing a touch of elegance and sophistication.

In addition, residents can enjoy a wide range of exclusive amenities within the development. These include a swimming pool, fitness center, BBQ pits, outdoor gardens, and communal spaces where neighbors can connect and relax.

Commercial and Retail Spaces

One Bernam also features commercial and retail spaces that provide a vibrant atmosphere for businesses and retailers. The development offers a mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes, creating a bustling and dynamic environment.

With its strategic location in the CBD, businesses in One Bernam can benefit from the high foot traffic and proximity to corporate offices. The retail spaces are designed to attract both residents and office workers, providing a diverse range of products and services.

Connectivity and Accessibility

One Bernam enjoys excellent connectivity and accessibility due to its prime location. The development is well-served by major roads, expressways, and public transportation networks.

For those who prefer to use public transportation, there are several MRT stations within walking distance, including Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and Outram Park MRT Station. These stations provide convenient access to different parts of the city.

In addition, residents and visitors can easily reach various amenities and attractions within a short drive. The nearby Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and Chinatown offer a plethora of entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences.

Sustainability and Green Spaces

One Bernam prioritizes sustainability and green initiatives. The development incorporates eco-friendly features and practices to minimize its environmental footprint.

Green spaces are an integral part of the development, providing residents and visitors with a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. The outdoor gardens and landscaped areas offer a serene and tranquil retreat amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

Furthermore, One Bernam embraces energy-efficient systems and technologies to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. These initiatives contribute to a greener and more sustainable living environment.

In conclusion, One Bernam is set to become an iconic development in Singapore’s CBD. With its prime location, modern design, and a wide array of residential, commercial, and retail spaces, it offers a unique and holistic living experience. The development’s focus on sustainability and green initiatives further enhances its appeal to conscientious residents. One Bernam is poised to become a vibrant and thriving hub that seamlessly integrates work, play, and living. Explore the topic further with this external content we recommend. Click for additional information on this subject, discover new perspectives!

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